The Gospel of John:  This is the Way

6.14.15 "This is the Way- Part 1 of John 1 (Guest Speaker: Pastor Dean Johnson)
6.21.15 "This is the Way- Part 2 of John 1 (Guest Speaker: Pastor Dean Johnson)
6.28.15 "Pointing to Jesus" John 1:19-34
7.5.15 "Come and See" John 1:35-51
7.12.15 "The Wine and the Whip" John 2
7.19.15 "New Birth"  John 3:1-21 
7.26.15 "More and Less" John 3:22-36
8.2.15 "At His Word" John 4:43-54
8.16.15 "Credentials" John 5
8.23.15 "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" (Guest Speaker: Pastor Dean Johnson)
8.30.15 "Bread" John 6
9.6.15 "It Is I" John 6:16-24
9.13.15 "Jesus Is" John 7:1-24
9.20.15 "Sometimes" John 7:25-52
9.27.15 "Forgiveness" (Guest Speaker: Pastor Dean Johnson)
10.4.15 "Light" John 8:12-31
10.11.15 "Truly Free" John 8:31-59
10.18,15 "Blind" John 9
10.25.15 "Shepherds, Sheep, and Otherwayers" John 10:1-21
11.1.15 "Plainly" John 10:22-42 (sound quality is quieter than normal)
11.8.15 "Good...Bad" John 11:1-44   (before this message, Pastor Lon played THIS video illustration)
11.15.15 "Worthship" John 12:1-11
11.22.15 "Spotlight" John 12:12-55

"Spaces to Grow"

5.17.15 "The Row"
5.24.15 "The Circle"

6.3.15  Community Worship Service in the Park (was not recorded)

"A Great Church"

4.12.15 "A Great Community" (Guest Speaker: Dean Johnson)
4.19.15 "The Great Companion"
4.26.15 "The Great Commandment" (Guest Speaker: Dean Johnson)
5.3.15 "Great Compassion"
5.10.15 "The Great Commission"

 "What I Really Want to Tell You (John 13-17)"

2.15.15  Washed
2.22.15  Loving Like Jesus  (Guest Speaker: Joel Mellor)
3.1.15  The Way With 
3.8.15  The Ministry of the Holy Spirit (Guest Speaker: Dean Johnson)
3.15.15 Fruitful
3.21.15 The Best Thing For You 
3.29.15 Jesus' Heart
4.5.15 Peace Be With You

Teaching Series:  "FULL"

12.28.14  The Battle Within
1.4,15  Worry Free
1.12.15  Guest Speaker:  An Elder's Heart (Dale Jones spoke this Sunday about some things on his heart). 
1.18.15  Guest Speaker:  Dean Johnson on Contentment (sound is quiet at beginning, then is fixed)
1.25.15 Truly Life
2.1.15  Breaking the Sticks 
2.1.15  That is Enough

Teaching Series  "Ephesians:  Living From His Grace Into His Purposes"

11.23.14  Sending and Blessing
11.16.14  Pray
11.09.14  Stand
11.02.14_How We Work
10.26.14  Children and Parents
10.19.14  Husbands and Wives
10.12.14  Sweet Submission
10.05.14  How You Live
09.28.14 Ephesians 5:3-14 (Guest Speaker Bob McGaffey)
09.21.14  Living Love
09.14.14  Putting Off, Putting On
09.07.14  Learning Christ
08.31.14  How We Grow
08.24.14  Walking Worthy
08.17.14  Know This Love
08.10.14  The Grace Given to Me
08.03.14   Ephesians 2:11-22 (Guest Speaker Mike Polley)
07.27.14  The Way We Walk
07.20.14  Know
07.13.14  To the Praise of His Glory
07.06.14  Glorious Grace 

Sunday Morning Teachings
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"The Heart of Hospitality"

 "Abraham : Journey of Faith, Failure, and Hope"

 "Thrill of Hope"

4.3.16    "The Sacred Table"
4.10.16  "The Sacred Calling"
4.17.16   Dr. Pat Spoke about the Persecuted Church--not recorded
4.24.16  "The Sacred Stranger"


"Gospel-Centered Relationships"


"Prepare Him Room" 

Topical Teachings 

"When in Doubt" 

"Our Living Hope in a Hope-Weary World "   1 Peter
"Open Hearts, Open Hands"  
"The Way We Go"  
"A Fruitcake Christmas"  
"Travel Plans --- Adventures in Living the Hope of the Gospel"  
"For the Joy"  
"1 Timothy-- The Household of God"  
"The Gospel of Mark-- Follow Jesus"
"Beginnings--Foundations in Genesis"
11.04.18  "A New Exodus" (Mark 1:1-8) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
11.11.18  "The Water and the Wilderness" (Mark 1:9-13) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
11.18.18  "The Kingdom" (Mark 1:14-15) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
11.25.18  "Follow Me" (Mark 1:16-20) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
12.02.18  No recording due to technical difficulties
12.09.18  "Why He Came" (Mark 1:21-39) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
12.16.18  "Touch" (Mark 1:40-45) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
12.23.18  "The Impossible King" (Christmas Message) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
12.30.18  "Through the Roof" (Mark 2:1-12) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
​01.06.19  "At the Table" (Mark 2:13-17) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
01.13.19   Guest Speaker Brian Jones
01.20.19   One of our missionaries shared with us and it was not recorded.
01.27.19  "New Wine" (Mark 2:18-22) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
02.03.19  "The Gospel According to the Pharisees" (Mark 2:23-3:6) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
02.10.19  "With" (Mark 3:7-19) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
02.17.19  "Accused" (Mark 3: 20-35) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
02.24.19  "Listen" (Mark 4:1-20) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
(March-April, we took a break from the Gospel of Mark series & did "The Name" series below) 
04.28.19  "Lamps and Seeds" (Mark 4:21-34) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
05.05.19  "Be Still" (Mark 4:35-41) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
05.12.19  "The Other Side" (Mark 5:1-20) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
05.19.19  "Keep Believing" (Mark 5:21-43) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
05.26.19  "Rejected" (Mark 6:1-6) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
​06.02.19  "Kingdom Sandwich" (Mark 6:6b-30) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
06.09.19  "You Feed Them" (Mark 6.31-44) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
The following 2 weeks are standalone messages
06.16.19 "Who is this Guy?" with Pastor Michael Olson
06.23.19  Pastor Dean Johnson
06.30.19  "When Jesus Passes By" (Mark 6.45-56) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
07.07.19 "At the Heart" (Mark 7.1-23) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
07.14.19  "Dogs" (Mark 7.24-30) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
7.21.19  "Into the Decapolis" (Mark 7.31-37), Pastor Mike Olson
7.28.19 --special report from our Nicaragua Missions Team (some audio problems for 1st 10 minutes)
8.4.19  "Compassion for the People", Pastor Mike Olson
8.11.19 "Watch Out!" (Mark 8.14-21) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
8.18.19 "This is for Me" (Mark 8.22-26) with Pastor Mike Olson
8.25.19 "What About You?" (Mark 8.27-30) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
09.01.19 "Crosses" (Mark 8.31-9.1) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
09.08.19  "Up the Mountain" (Mark 9.2-13) with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
09.15.19 "God's Workmanship" (Ephesians 2.1-10) with Pastor Dean Johnson
09.22.19  "Down the Mountain" Mark 9.14-29 with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
09.29.19  "Everything and Everyone" Mark 9.30-41 with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
(During the month of October, we did a series on anxiety-- see below)
11.03.19 "Of Salt & Millstones" with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
11.10.19  "Hard Hearts" with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
11.17.19 "Like a Child" with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
11.24.19 "Rich Man" with Pastor Lon Bjornrud
12.01.19 "Reminders of the Gospel" with Pastor Mike Olson (stand alone message)

"The Name"
"Peace in an Anxious World"
"Hope Has Dawned" Advent Series