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Annual Meeting Agenda


Welcome & Prayer 

Celebrating God's Work in 2023 and Looking Ahead to 2024

(Review of Annual Reports) 

New Business---

(1)  Vote on Leadership Nominations (Rick Luckow and Scott Loso for deacons).

(2)  Asking for approval from membership: ​​

  • to close second Village Bank Checking account.

  • to proceed with the Restricted Funds action plan.  (​how Living Hope defines restricted funds, current existing restricted funds, and recommendations for those funds, along with how Living Hope will do restricted funds going forward).

  • for Leadership Team to look into opportunities for Oak Grove property and subsequently schedule a Membership Meeting for discussion of results, and decide on a path to take.

  • to authorize Leadership Team to begin the process of updating the Living Hope Constitution and Bylaws.  (any changes would be presented to the congregation for approval prior to adopting).

Praying in Gratitude


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