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Welcome to Living Hope!

Join Us!

Where are you on your journey in life and with God?  No matter where you are, God loves you and desires to draw you closer to Him.  


We believe God created us to learn and grow in community.  Maybe you have been tremendously blessed by being part of a faith community.  Maybe you have been hurt or disillusioned.  Or, maybe you've had no experiences with a faith community.  We don't claim to be the perfect church, but we're trusting Jesus to make Living Hope a safe place to learn, love, & grow where people's weaknesses and failures are known and they are loved all the more.  No matter who you are or where you've been, you are welcome at Living Hope. 


Whether you are used to attending worship services or not, it's nice to know what's going to happen when you go somewhere.  HERE is what you can expect on a Sunday worship gathering, followed by some frequently asked questions.  

If after browsing this site, you have a question, CONTACT US or call the office at 763-753-1718 and someone will respond with the information you need.  Thanks for visiting our website today.  We hope to see you at a service soon!

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