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About Us

Living Hope is a community of people who are enjoying God and the lives He has given us.  We know we are loved, and we can't help but respond by loving God and those around us.  

We are by no means perfect and we are at different places in life and on our spiritual journeys, but we share a common bond-- our love for Jesus Christ and people.  We want to be like the Colossians, who were commended for their "faith in Jesus Christ" and "the love ...for all His people." (Col 1:4)


We’re a community of Christ-followers who are seeking to love God & others well, serve our community, and stay connected. Come & join us on the adventure!

With God's help, we have become and continually strive to be an authentic community of people who follow the way of Jesus.  We want to live life as it was meant to be lived, and we believe this is only possible through Jesus.  We want to be a group of people who meet needs in the name of Jesus because we believe this is essential to being the church.  We are a group of people who are experiencing life, not just Sundays, together.

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