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Young Adults

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Young Adult Ministry

Living Hope has an amazing community of Young Adults in the 18-30's age range.  Whether single or married, this community really enjoys being together.  You'll find many of them are also totally integrated into the life of the church and can be found participating in all types of events and ministries.  

Most people find that getting involved in a smaller group context is a great way to make meaningful friendships and go deeper.  The young adults' community group meets weekly on Sunday nights at 6:30pm to process Scripture and how to live out their faith in an ever-changing world.  They also pray together and play a game or two.  This is a space for questions, conversations, authentic connections, as well as light-hearted fun.  Right now, this group meets in homes.  HERE is a current list of what Scriptures we're currently looking at.  Let us know you're interested by filling out the Contact Card below!   

Whether these are planned a month or two in advance or spontaneously put together on their GroupMe app thread, there is no shortage of fun and laughter at these memorable events that strengthen their bonds with each other and their commitment to Jesus.  Contact us below to find out what's happening next!


It's worth noting again that many of our young adults are super involved in the larger body of Living Hope, and can be found at men's and women's events, worship events-- pretty much any area of the church.  You can also find them serving in our youth ministry and children's ministries.  We're grateful for everything our young adults bring to the Living Hope family.

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We'd love to get in touch with you about young adult ministries! 


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